Common Ninja is a platform for creating
awesome plugins for websites

We help web designers, developers and site owners to upgrade their website
with zero effort, time and knowledge

Why we built it

I started Common Ninja 7 years ago as a solution for myself to quickly generate beautiful html tables (which is still a pain to create by yourself). Some other people found it useful and started to create some tables of their own, and even started to pay for it.

During the next few years I created a few more plugins for pricing tables, feeds, charts, brackets, and initiated a partnership with Wix so they will sell my plugins on their store.

Common Ninja today has more than 80k registered users, and more than 600k plugins have been created with the platform.

The man behind Common Ninja

I'm a highly motivated Full Stack Developer with a great passion for UX and Web Design.

I'm always looking for new things to learn, with Google as my teacher and code editor as my notebook. Web is my life, exploring web technologies and techniques, developing cool web apps. Anything that can help me in expand my knowledge is always welcome.

My Motto in work (as in my life) is to "Take the impossible, make it obvious" - give me a worthy cause and I'll make it happen.