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Why Announcements?

Update site visitors on new features
Share your Changelog with your users
Make sure your users don’t miss out on opportunities

Multiple layouts and skins

Design and change the widget as you want. Choose the skin, add a color scheme, change fonts, background and more.

Responsive Changelog
Promote sales and deals

Promote sales and deals

A great way to engage your site visitors with what’s important.

Highlight the latest features and updates

Make sure your users are informed about new features and services.

Highlight the latest features and updates

Advanced Features

Notifications Badges
Notifications Badges
Full RTL support
Full RTL support
Image uploads
Image uploads
Custom CSS
Custom CSS

Embed once in your website

Copy a single line of code to any platform or website. The plugin will update automatically after every change you make.

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What is a Changelog?

A changelog represents a log or a record of all distinguishable changes made to a project. This project is most usually a website or some kind of software project. The changelog documents data of changes that happen on the site or software like fixed bug issues, new features, and other records.

Even though this plugin is known as a changelog it can be alternatively named as CHANGES or HISTORY. A changelog is a list of chronologically ordered changes that you have done to your project. The list includes added, improved, or removed features.

How to create a changelog?

To create a changelog app for your website, you will need to create a new account if you don’t already have an existing one. First, go on the Plugin’s page and click the “Create'' button to enter the editor. Once you’ve entered, on the left panel you’ll find the options to customize the Plugin’s content and settings. Once you’ve edited the plugin, you can proceed with saving your progress.

Once you go through the steps, you’re ready to promote, give updates and news, all thanks to Common Ninja’s changelog plugin.

How to add a changelog to my website?

Once you’ve fully customized the plugin, adding it to your website is a piece of cake!

Enter the editor and find the “Add to Website” button on the left panel of the page. There, you’ll see the Installation Guide area. Once you see the line of code, copy it by clicking the green button on the top right corner.

The next step is adding the copied script on your website. On the website building platform you’re using, find the HTML widget, plugin, or editor. Once you’re there, paste the copied script code and you’re all set.

Whatever changes you make, the plugin will update automatically on your website.

Why do you need a changelog?

Setting a changelog plugin to your website or software is a pivotal step to keeping your users or customers hooked when you release new features or fix important bug problems. Keeping a changelog means keeping your users engaged.

Additionally, an essential part of running a website or software is to inform your customers or visitors about past and upcoming changes. Thanks to the changelog widget you can get quick feedback about the impact the new feature had on your followers. With the changelog, you will be aware of your customer’s satisfaction.

What are announcements?

An announcement is a process of communicating messages to a large audience. The mobile friendly announcement on your website or software has the goal to inform your followers about upcoming or past features. An announcement is a professional practice of notifying a large number of individuals of updated information in a particular course.

Announcements are usually formal since they refer to the audience for a specific reason. There are past announcements about feature completions and new announcements about your website’s progress. The key to a proper announcement widget is to be direct and concise. When you are writing positive news of upcoming features you can write a short, genial announcement that will be recognized by others and motivate the reader to reach similar goals.

Additionally, make sure your announcements are mobile-friendly as well - most of your users will visit the website through their mobile devices, and their satisfaction is vital.

Why do you need announcements?

Your audience deserves the best experience when they’re on your website.

Announcements Generator help you convey a clear and concise message without stressing out whether or not your visitors will see it.

You can use the announcement plugin to:

  • Let your audience know if you’re launching a new product;
  • Promote your new product;
  • Promote your new blog post;
  • Promote special or new offers;
  • Highlight an upcoming event;

With Common Ninja’s service, you can find and embed the most responsive and suitable announcement plugin that will take your website to a whole new level.

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