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Design and change the widget as you want. Choose the skin, add a color scheme, change fonts, background and more.

Responsive FAQ
Control the behavior

Control the behavior

Choose the most convenient way to interact with your FAQs: Open one, multiple, or all questions at a time.

Endless design options

10 icon options
10 icon options
Full RTL support
Full RTL support
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Image uploads
Custom CSS
Custom CSS
Organize with ease

Organize with ease

Easily change the order of questions, and add navigation features.

  • Drag & drop reordering of FAQs
  • Group FAQ by category
  • Search field

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Copy a single line of code to any platform or website. The plugin will update automatically after every change you make.

Embed once in your website or create a user manual

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What is an FAQ?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. A FAQ section or page is a list of common questions surrounding a product, service, or business. You’re reading an FAQ right now! Just like almost every website has ‘about us’,’ contact’, or ‘home’ pages, FAQ pages or sections are a crucial part of a high-functioning website to answer the most time-consuming questions!

FAQ pages can cover the main aspects of customer support. Visitors often come seeking answers to common questions. Placing those questions and answers on your website can help with customer satisfaction and the overall brand image of your business.

How to create an FAQ?

Creating a FAQ page is an easy task no matter which site-builder or content management system you use. With the power of plugins, your website can have a FAQ page or section within minutes. To create your mobile friendly FAQ widget and add it to your website, you first need to go to the editor section and click the create button on our plugin. Once there, you’ll be able to see a preview of the extension with the preset content. In the editor, you’ll find all of the options for customization on the left side. There you can enter the content, change the design, and make the final settings. Once done, you can save your design, share or publish it on your website. If it's your first time adding the plugin to your website and customizing it, you’ll be required to make a user account!

How to add an FAQ to my website?

Different FAQ plugins will take a different approach while adding them to your website. Some even require coding knowledge to properly incorporate them as you please.

With Common Ninja all you have to do is copy a line of code and your FAQ page is ready to go. Once you add it to your page, you can further adjust, change and adapt it to your needs. Adding it to your website is super easy and simple.

Once in the editor click on ‘Add to website’. If you have already saved the plugin that you’ve been customizing, you’ll be able to see the Installation Guide. Copy the line of code to your clipboard and you’re ready to add to the website! You can also use the green button in the top right corner to easily copy the entire code to your clipboard. Find the HTML widget on your website builder and paste the code that you previously copied.

You don’t need to worry about updates and other mishaps - our plugins update automatically after any change you make.

Why Do You Need an FAQ Section on Your Site?

Although it seems like FAQ pages and sections don’t do much for your website, they’re indeed a crucial asset to any website.

A proper FAQ page can satisfy your visitors by answering some burning questions at the moment, without them or you wasting any energy. Additionally, by incorporating an responsive FAQ plugin, your website will have a more professional and caring approach towards your leads.

FAQs are known to be the part of your site that turns leads into buyers, so you can expect a boost in revenue as well. Moreover, FAQs help raise brand awareness and are often used to promote new products or services. Therefore, updating your FAQ page or section is also essential from a sales and technical perspective.

Make sure your FAQs have:

  • Common questions;
  • Important links;
  • Well-organized categories.

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